Sometimes you need to step aside, get some air and remind yourself who you are and what you want to be

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


My favorite season of all time would be autumn or fall.It has always been my dream--to spend my time abroad during autumn.But never have I ever gotten a chance to do so.It is now autumn in most countries and here I am sitting on my bed,contemplating life.

I love autumn but it also marks the end of the summer which means no more holiday for me until the winter comes.Yes peeps,I am gonna start my new academic year next week.No,scratch that,it's in 3 days time.

My feeling you ask?I don't know.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I know it has been like a year or so but I still wanna write something.Hello blogosphere!I did really miss you my dear blog all this time,trust me!

For your information,I am on my last summer break,the LAST one okay?How sad,I get emotional and stressed out whenever I think of it.Welllll,carpe diem! It is surely easier said than done right?Hahaha.

I went to Seoul not long ago and nope,I did not manage to meet Yonghwa(or KMS or SHK or any kpop idols if you must know).Where are they though?They are actually easier to spot when they are on vacations(well duh!),I mean--when they are not in their country i.e South Korea.When I was in Barca,my friend actually saw one of the famous idols(I did not bother as I am not into Kpop) shopping and we did not even trying.Buuut,I would really like it if I manage to meet JYH and KMS in real life LOL SERIOUSLY.

Well this new addiction of mine(not so new but oh well) is worrying.I am starting to like and get addicted to those jambu guys like waeeeeeee?I want my old life back pronto!I blame myself for binge-watching Youtube non-stop and look at me right now!I no longer listen to English songs.I now listen to Japanese(YES) and Korean songs.I really hope this is just a phase.And I will MOVE ON!
It's good that I don't really like kpop songs(if not I would just kill myself---no hate though on you kpop lovers).I only listen to R&B,Jazz for NOW!I mean how can you resist those cute faces like Eric and Dean?Haha!

I need to stop writing before I sound like one of those crazy fangirls.Toodles XX

P.s I miss my friends,I lost their contact numbers and I don't use FB.
P.s.s School starts in two weeks time.I hate it already.